Explore two ways to make a payment.

Pay by moBills

Pay by moBillsTM in Your Phone's Mobile Wallet

Now you can pay your monthly bill with Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Pay mobile wallet (Android) thanks to moBillsTM. It's simple and fast, and you won't have to remember login information.

How It Works:

  • Get a Notification

    Your phone's mobile wallet will alert you when your bill is ready each month.

  • Open Your Mobile Wallet

    Review your bill and see a summary statement.

  • Pay with a Tap

    Authorize your phone's wallet to make a payment.

How to Enroll:

  • Select the appropriate button for your phone below.
  • Enter your Entergy account number and state.
  • Add your Entergy bill to your mobile wallet.
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Pay by Text

Don't have a smartphone? Prefer to use SMS? It's now fast and easy to pay via text message. Just set up Pay by Text once, then pay by SMS each month. As an added benefit, it's helpful to get reminders via text for when your bill is almost due.

How It Works:

  • Get a Notification

    You'll receive a text seven days before your bill is due asking if you want to pay it.

  • Text Back to Pay

    Reply with "YES ETR" to confirm that you want to authorize a payment.

  • Receive Confirmation

    You'll get a text back confirming your payment.

How to Enroll:

  • Go to the Pay by Text enrollment page.
  • Create your profile.
  • iPhone users: Get a confirmation text saying you're enrolled.
  • Android users: Get a text prompting you to confirm enrollment. Text back to confirm, and you're all set.